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Epoch Times Wins Newspaper Excellence Award in 2013. New York Epoch Times staff, Design Director Seth Holehouse, and Managing Editor Charlotte Cuthbertson.

Epoch Times Wins Newspaper Excellence Award

A special section produced for Asia Week New York became an award-winning publication for Epoch Times on April 6, 2013.

The New York Press Association (NYPA) awarded Epoch Times first place in its 2012 “Best Special Section—Advertising, Division 2” category at its annual spring convention.

The special section featured an image of a golden Buddha seated on a pedestal of lotus petals, in celebration of the largest Asian art event in New York City.

“Appropriate, tastefully designed advertising anchors pages and pages of well done content and photography,” said the NYPA judges. “A great special section has five strong components: a great cover, appealing design, good art, strong content, and well designed, complementary advertising. This section has all five.”

The NYPA judges’ comments concluded, “All in all, this is one of the nicest sections I have ever seen produced by a newspaper. Well done!”

Epoch Times English edition editor-in-chief John Nania said, “The Asia Week special section is one of many examples of outstanding cooperation among our design, ad sales, and editorial professionals. Attaining this award and being selected from among so many high-quality newspapers in New York is a testament to that cooperation.”

The NYPA presented excellence awards in numerous categories over the weekend, including editorial, community leadership, photography, and advertising. Hundreds of NYPA members from across New York state attended the convention, with 150 newspapers submitting entries for the awards.

(original report from The Epoch Times)