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(L–R) Award winners Channaly Philipp, Petr Svab, Luba Pishchik, and Charlotte Cuthbertson at the Epoch Times office in New York on April 11. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

The Epoch Times Awarded for Its Journalism, Design

The quality of The Epoch Times was on display at the New York Press Association’s annual spring conference on April 7 and 8, where the winners of the association’s Better Newspaper Contest were announced. The Epoch Times was honored for its overall quality, and individual Epoch Times journalists won an array of awards.

The contest featured 2,957 entries from 184 newspapers across New York state. The Epoch Times scored near the top of the field in total contest points and total advertising points, tying for fourth in each category.

In addition, the newspaper received a third-place Past Presidents’ Award, which recognizes overall excellence.

Designer Luba Pishchik was a big part of the paper’s success, winning first prize awards for best small space ad and best advertising campaign.

Pishchik described the process of producing the award-winning series of ads as being one of collaboration and communication. She worked closely with Creative Director Robert Counts and Advertising Director Deborah Yun to map out the message that would make people want to visit the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy.

Charlotte Cuthbertson received second place for the NYPA’s Writer of the Year award. Cuthbertson had taken a five-year hiatus from reporting and thinks the excitement she felt at getting back out in the field, and being able to tell important stories, helped her produce award-winning articles.

She describes herself as “humbly honored” by the award and pointed to the talented team she works with—including photographers, editors, designers, and copy editors—as the reason for her success.

Cuthbertson also won a third place prize for coverage of business, financial, and economic news.

Petr Svab took home first and second place prizes for coverage of crime, police, and courts and a third place prize for best feature story.

Svab sees his awards as “a recognition of the commitment the newspaper puts into creating quality content.” He said the awards “can help me boost my confidence to step up my game to pursue even more challenging subjects.”

Andrea Hayley and Channaly Philipp shared a second place award for coverage of agriculture.

The paper also won an honorable mention for overall design excellence.

(source: The Epoch Times)