The Largest Overseas Chinese Media

Great things are born of simple yet profound ideas. Ours was the vision of a media company built on the foundation of truthful journalism, which made us become the largest overseas Chinese media.

Since launching in 2000, we’ve grown to become an influential global media company with print, television, and digital properties covering 35 countries and 21 languages.

As the leading authority on China news, we provide exclusive content from trustworthy sources in order for our audience to stay up to date on important issues. We also provide a wealth of content on a broad range of topics including finance, culture, life, economics, health, and entertainment.

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Epoch Media Group is a global media organization. Our flagship brands include Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television.

Award-Winning Talent

The Epoch Media Group has been recognized by prestigious press organizations including the Society of Professional Journalists, the New York Press Association, and the Asian American Journalists Association. See our awards.


Epoch Times consists of the premier Chinese language and the leading independent English language news publications in print and online.

NTD is the largest Chinese TV network in the U.S., serving more than 100 million people around the world, including China.

Epoch Times is the largest overseas Chinese media

Epoch Times Newspaper

Epoch Times publishes in 21 languages in 35 countries across five continents. Epoch Times launched in 2000, and today it is the largest Chinese-language newspaper outside of mainland China and Taiwan.

Epoch Media Group is the largest overseas Chinese media

New Tang Dynasty (NTD) TV

Headquartered in New York City since 2001, NTD TV is the largest Chinese TV network in the U.S. Through satellite, cable, and over-the-air channels NTD serves more than 100 million people around the world. NTD News broadcasts directly into parts of mainland China via satellite, providing a truthful, uncensored Chinese-language alternative to China’s state-run media.

Epoch Digital Network (EDN)

EDN, the digital arm of Epoch Media Group, is one of the most advanced digital advertising platforms in the media space today. Through its four major digital properties - English Epoch Times, Chinese Epoch Times, English NTD, Chinese NTDTV, we offer behavioral targeting, audience extension, and digital content marketing solutions and more.

Chinese Epoch Times
Chinese Epoch Times
English Epoch Times
English Epoch Times
Chinese NTD
Chinese NTD TV
English NTD
English NTD

Our Story to tell the truth

Freedom of the press and humanity are the foundation of Epoch Times as almost all world-wide Chinese media are controlled or infiltrated by Chinese Communist Party; our beginnings hailed from a great need to provide uncensored news to a people immersed in propaganda and censorship in China.

Having witnessed events like Tiananmen Square and the persecution of the spiritual group Falun Gong, and at a great risk to themselves and their loved ones, a group of Chinese-Americans started publishing Epoch Times in the Chinese language in the U.S. Some reporters in China were jailed, and some suffered severe torture. 

Integrity and truthfulness in reporting, together with the stories that really matter, are cornerstones to Epoch Times.

The first English edition launched online in 2003 followed by the first print edition in 2004. Our beginnings have instilled in Epoch Times staff an unwavering commitment to objective reporting and socially responsible business practices, as well as respect for human rights and freedom. 


Why ‘Epoch’?

The founders applied the Chinese name “Da Ji Yuan,” which translates to “the grand epoch.” So the name of this publication alludes to a grand or great period of history, applied to the current time.

A Message From John Tang, Founder and CEO

John Tang

Founder and CEO


The vision of the Epoch Times is simple and at the heart of what media and journalism were meant to do: to tell the truth.


There is something greater happening right now and I hope it sends a shiver up your spine. I hope it provides a moment of clarity. I hope it provides a comforting warmth and a sense of purpose.

Read our publications, support our media group, and advertise with us, for telling the truth is what we do.

We don’t do it for ourselves, we do it for you.

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Charitable Chinese Media in Australia

The Epoch Times is the largest Chinese newspaper distributed overseas. Australian editions cover Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane & Gold Coast, Adelaide and Canberra. All Australian bureaus are charitable newspaper endorsed by Australian Taxation Office due to their reports filling the void of truthful news coverage of events in China.