Epoch Media Group is the authority on the changes occurring in China. Thanks to our well-placed sources, we alone predicted the process of Jiang’s downfall, and we have forecast almost every major political development in China in recent years. This includes the arrest of many high-profile Party members, the so-called “55 Big Tigers”—officials so high and so connected that they were thought untouchable. 

In addition to being the leading authority on China news, we offer rich content on a broad range of topics including finance, culture, life, economics, health, science, and entertainment.

The Epoch Media Group has been recognized by prestigious press organizations including the Society of Professional Journalists, the New York Press Association, and the Asian American Journalists Association.

Epoch Times English edition: “It’s a remarkable and professional bottom-up effort, an informative read, a serious enterprise in an age of media decline.”

Danny Schechter

CNN Founding Producer and Emmy Award winner

Bold, encouraging, thoughtful, the Epoch Times has become one of Canada’s premier publications. For ten years now, the award-winning newspaper has been building bridges between communities and covering the stories that are shaping our world …

Peter Kent

Canadian Minister of the Environment, former journalist, producer, anchorman for CBC, CTV, Global TV, and NBC

New Tang Dynasty TV has gained an international reputation for ‘objective and timely reporting of political, economic and cultural stories’ since its founding in 2001.

International Federation of Journalists

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