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Chinese newspaper Perth Epoch Times is a branch office of Epoch Media Group,  a global media organization based in New York with print, television, and digital properties covering 35 countries and 21 languages.

As genuinely independent media, with independent experts in Chinese politics, we have forecast almost every major political development in China in recent years.

Combined with our international teams, Perth Epoch Times can help businesses reach wealthy Chinese consumers in Perth, Australia-wide, or even in mainland China through our integrated marketing solutions.

Appealing Australian Chinese Market

Chinese newspaper Perth Epoch Times can help businesses take advantage of this big opportunity

More People

The Australian Chinese population has increased by 40% from 2011 to 2016. There are now over 1 million ethnic Chinese living in Australia. After English, Mandarin is the second most spoken language in Australia.

More Opportunities

Affluent Chinese consumers are actively on the lookout for goods and services related to luxury, health, education, property, cars, travel, family and household goods.

Big Buying Power

Chinese consumers have become the world’s No. 1 buyer of luxury goods. China is the No. 1 source of foreign investment in the Australian real estate market.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Chinese newspaper Perth Epoch Times combines integrated multi-platform content marketing with technical excellence

Multi-Platform Advertising

Traditional and digital platforms are combined with a variety of advertising technologies.

Content Marketing

Original and high-quality business content increases brand recognition and user favorability.

Social Media Marketing

Social media content creation and promotion in additional to Google and Facebook advertising services

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Chinese Newspaper Epoch Times

As the leading authority on China news, we produce exclusive editorial and investigative pieces to inform and engage audiences. Every day we empower hundreds of thousands of Chinese who are thirsty for accurate, uncensored news and extraordinary insights. 

Why Choose Epoch Times

Epoch Media Group represents the values that you want to align your brand with: quality, integrity, reliability, and trust—all essential to success in a complex marketplace.

Leveraging Integrity

Epoch Times’ reputation for insightful and truthful reporting has cultivated a loyal, worldwide readership. When there is a major event developing, people trust and read Epoch Times for its in-depth and unbiased reporting.

Cross-platform access to the Chinese Market

Our media distribution channels are truly cross-platform, including television, newspapers, and digital networking in Chinese and English as well as social media. Epoch Media Group is the premier brand to reach the Chinese market.

Cutting Edge Digital Technology

The Epoch Digital Network is one of the most advanced digital advertising platforms in the media space today. We offer behavioral targeting, audience extension, digital content marketing solutions and more.

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